Characteristics of Successful Business People

9 Characteristics of Successful Business People

What separates successful business people from ordinary or failing ones? Here are nine characteristics.

​​1. Successful business people tell themselves “There is a way”.

All thoughts are magnetic. As soon as you tell yourself, ” I am beaten. There’s no way to conquer this problem, ” negative thoughts are attracted, and each of these helps convince you that you are right, that you are whipped.

Believe instead, “There is a way to solve this problem,” and positive thoughts rush into your mind to help you find a solution. It’s believing “there is a way” that is important.

When you hit a snag, don’t throw up the whole project. Instead, back off, get mentally refreshed. Try something as simple as playing some music or taking a walk or a short nap. Then when you tackle it again, the solution often comes almost before you know it.

Remember, there is a good side in every situation. Find it. See the good side and whip discouragement.

2. Successful business people take support of other people for success.

Restricting your social environment to the same small group produces boredom, dullness, dissatisfaction. Do circulate in new groups.

Select friends who are interested in the progressive ideas, friends who really do want to see you succeed. Avoid friends who talk about unimportant things like the appliances you have or don’t have. Guard your psychological environment.

Avoid gossips. People who tell you it cannot be done almost always are unsuccessful people. They are average in terms of accomplishments. Get the support of successful people.

3. Successful business people always plan for failure.

Observe what military leaders do. When they develop a master plan to take an objective, they also map out alternative plans. If something unforseen happens which rules out plan A, they switch to plan B. Doing that they wouldn’t be knocked down by a disaster.

You rest easy in an airplane even though the airport where you planned to land is closed in, because you know the fellow up there driving the plane has alternative landing fields and a reserve fuel supply.

Plan and prepare to take detours in stride. When you detour, you don’t have to change your goals. You just travel a different route.

4. Successful business people think their work is important.

Story about 3 brick layers

When asked, “What are you doing?” The first brick layer replied, “laying brick.” The second answered, “making $9.30 an hour” and the third said, “me? Why, I am building the world’s greatest cathedral.

The story doesn’t tell what happened to those brick layers in later years. But the chances are that the first two bricklayers remained just bricklayers. They lacked vision. They lacked job respect. But the third became a foreman or perhaps a contractor, or possibly an architect. He moved upward and forward. Why? Because thinking does make it so.

Its a proven fact that you are what you think you are, what your thought power directs you to become. Think you’re weak, think you lack what it takes, think you will lose, think you are second-class—you are doomed to mediocrity.

Instead think, I am important. I do have what it takes. I am a first class performer. My work is important. Think this way and you are headed straight to success.

A person who thinks his job is important receives mental signals on how to do his job better. And a better job means more promotions, more money, more happiness.

5. Successful business people are not traditional thinkers.

Ancestral thinking freezes your mind, blocks your progress and prevents you from developing creative power. Don’t let ancestral thinking paralyze your mind.

Become receptive to new ideas. Welcome new ideas. Destroy those thought repellants: “won’t work,” “can’t be done,” “it’s useless,” and “it’s stupid”. Soak up all the good ideas you can.

Be an experimental person. Break up fixed routines. Expose yourself to new restaurants, new books, new theaters, new friends; take a different route to work some days, take a different vacation this year, do something new and different this weekend.

6. Successful business people think forward, not backward.

Avoid thinking ” That’s the way we did it where I used to work so we ought to do it that way here ” but think “How can we do it better than we did it where I used to work?” Be progressive, not regressive.

Not backward, regressive thinking, but forward, progressive thinking.

Just because you got up at 5:30 AM to deliver papers or milk the cows when you were a youngster doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good idea for you to require your children to do the same.

7. Successful business people keep personal notebook.

Oprah Winfrey keeps a journal. Eminem keeps a journal. J.K. Rowling keeps a journal. They track their progress, set goals, reflect, and learn from their mistakes.  And they often use notebook to accomplish this.

If you want to get somewhere in life, you need a map, and this notebook is that map. You can write down what you did today, what you tried to accomplish, where you made mistakes, and so forth. It’s a place to reflect.  It’s a place to capture important thoughts.  It’s a place to be able to track where you’ve been and where you intend to go.

8. Successful business people eliminate all needless busywork.

“Why is it impossible to get everything done?” The answer is stunningly simple: We’re doing too many of the needless wrong things.

You get more things done when you follow careful plans that measure and track key priorities and milestones. Before taking up a task, ask yourself, “Do I need to do this at all?”

Simply being able to do something well does not make it the right thing to do. Too often productivity trainers focus on how to do things quickly, but the truth is vast majority of things people do quickly should not be done at all.

So do your best to focus on what’s truly important, and not much else.

9. Successful business people, before they begin work, devote 10 minutes answering the following questions:

1. How can I do better job today?
2. What can I do today to encourage my fellow employees?
3. What special favor can I do for my customers?
4. How can I increase my personal efficiency?

That’s the characteristics of successful business people.

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