3 R's to be Successful in Anything

3 R’s to be Successful in Anything

Do you have a business or plan on starting one and obsessed in making it a success? Are you an employee in a company who wants to be noticed and get promoted? These 3 R’s can help you to be successful in almost any field.

1. Relentless

You don’t stop until you make your goal happen. Entrepreneurship isn’t easy. You will face rejection and fail many times, but you can’t stop trying. Sometimes it’s exhausting, but you have to keep pushing and trying new things until you find the right combination to make something work.

If you are an employee, do not stop until you have solved the boss’ problem. Work on it until you get it.

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2. Resourceful

You can always find a solution to every problem, and when you don’t know the answer you know who to seek advice from. This is about being able to leverage what you have, even when you don’t have much. Being resource can also save your company thousands or millions of dollars.

Business success is like cooking.  Building a successful business is similar to cooking something delicious. A great entrepreneur is like a scrappy chef who finds substitute ingredients when he or she doesn’t have everything he needs to make the dish. Being able to use your knowledge, skills, or connections when you don’t have the time or cash to get what you need is like substituting yogurt and water for milk when cooking.

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3. Resilient

You find the strength to keep going when the going gets tough and continue to roll with the punches. You don’t have to be an island, and in fact being unable to get emotional support from others will weaken your resilience in the long run. Knowing how and when to recharge your batteries is crucial to avoiding entrepreneurial burnout.

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