Reasons Why We Procrastinate

3 Reasons Why We Procrastinate

By Nikant Vohra

Most of the people in the world procrastinate from time to time. Sometimes it is for small things like cleaning the house, buying grocery, washing clothes etc. But most of the times it is for things that are very important for life like going to the gym, completing the exam preparation or  paying your bills. Let us look at some of the reasons responsible for procrastination.

1. Overestimating our own  abilities

A lot of us overestimate our own abilities of completing a piece of work on time. Not only this, we overestimate that how motivated we will be in the future to complete the work at hand. We assume that we will be in the right frame of mind in the future to complete this task. We all have done this at some point in life. Remember the time when you thought that the project could be completed in a day, while it took others a week to complete.

We all come up with a lot of excuses to avoid work; like too busy, too tired,  too broke. Sometimes, these excuses make sense. But most of the times they are like a safety blanket to protect you from doing some real work.

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2. Too many distractions

In this advanced age of technology, we have a lot of distractions in life which do not allow us to do real work. How can a person prepare for an exam when he has 30 pending requests of Candy Crush Saga on his facebook page? How can he go to gym when he has to answer hundreds of emails?

Most of us have become slaves to these distractions. We prefer to look at our useless phone notifications then talking face to face with our friends. These distractions have become a part of our life. We have stopped looking at them as distractions and this has contributed a lot towards our procrastination.

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3. Self Doubt and Fear

Self doubt can also be a major factor. When we are unsure of how to tackle a project or insecure in our abilities, we might find ourselves putting it off in favor of working on other tasks.

We tell ourselves that ‘one day’ we will be ready to make a change, or take a chance; that ‘one day’ the timing will be better, our confidence stronger, our circumstances easier. But that one day never comes. Our self doubt and fear keeps on increasing as the day to submit the work comes nearer.

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How about you? What are the reasons why you procrastinate? Leave us a comment below and interact with others.