10 Life Villains that are Robbing You of Success

10 Life Villains that are Robbing You of Success

Do you know what habits, attitudes and philosophies that are robbing you of your success? Here are 10 villains that may be hindering you to be the person that you wanted to be:

1. Fear  of failure

Fear of failure is a common excuse not to succeed. Fear of failure causes us not to start a project because we expect to lose rather than win.

2. Over thinking

Over thinking is also a common excuse. We always wait when we are ready, when the time is right, when things are right etc. What happens is, we never get to start because that ‘perfect’ time never comes.

3. Conscious about what people would think

What would other people say about us? What would they think? These are some questions that hinder us from starting. We are too conscious about other people. Tip for overcoming this: This that it is not always about you. Probably, the other person might not be thinking about you at all.

4. Not being focused towards a goal

Another villain of our success is not being focused towards a goal. Sometimes, we don’t even have one. If we do, we do not work on it everyday and let the other things take up our time. As Jim Rohn would say, “Don’t major in minor things.”

5. Being influenced by thoughts of others

We have a goal; we have the steps to achieve our goal. Then what happens? We allow ourselves to be influenced by the negative thinking of others. We listen to their stories of how hard it can be and that is is not achievable. Tips to overcome this: Think of them as well-meaning people but be careful to listen to what they say. They might care for you but they have not been to where you want to go.

6. Too lazy to work

Laziness has no excuse. All of us has felt ‘too lazy’ to do anything productive in our life. But those who really succeed overcame their laziness, got off the couch and started working on their goals. Nike has tip for us whenever we are feeling lazy: Just do it.

7. Negative thinking

Just like the fear of failure, negative thinking keeps us away from our goals because we never get to start.

8. Playing too safe(afraid to take risks)

Why do we do this? Because do not like losing. We don’t like to look like a failure to other people. We look at ourselves so high that a failure will tarnish our image. But does it? Studying the lives of successful people indictes that failure is not the opposite of success. Rather, failures are steps to reach success.

9. Resistance to change

This one is interesting. Change is always an emotionally charged topic. Some people like it, some people don’t. But here is the truth: If we want to success, we need to change. We cannot keep doing the same things and expect things will change for us. We need to change. We need to embrace it. We need to apply it.

10. Waiting for the right moment

We wait for the right moment or timing to execute an idea. Although this may be good, but sometimes, too much waiting leads to loss of passion. When the passion is gone, when will be even harder for us to start. Tip: Strike when the iron is hot. Act when the passion is high

These are just some things that may be robbing us of success. What among these have you been struggling at the moment?